What critics have said

“An outrageously funny Spanish Spitfire.” Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

“Hilarious interactive comedy.” James Simons, EYE Magazine

What audiences have said

“Good old fashioned clownish slapstick polished with a pinch of the "hot stuff"… D'Agostino's hilarious seamless caricature expressing her "raison d'etre" in a torrid love-wrenching, walking tabloid diary style is pure entertainment! Think of 30's Latin Spitfire, Lupe Velez mixed with the clownish genius of Lucille Ball and Judy Holliday paying homage to a culture of truth, tequila and viva Latina feminista!”
Caroline Azar, audience member of Latin Heat at the Factory Theatre

“Real emotion made really funny”.
Bruce Hunter, audience member Latin Heat

“I liked just hanging out with the character.  Since the formality of a theatre space is removed it moved beyond the comedy and performance into a real discussion and experience.
Adam Paolozza, Audience Member at Dufferin Mall

“It's the details like surprises that I find really exciting…It is really quite brilliant to gather all these people and have them participate like this. It was amazing how it instantly bonded a group of strangers together!  I kept looking forward to the next surprise or detail.”
Julie Tepperman, Audience Member at The Dufferin Mall