Its date night for Lupe and her lover, David Mirvish. 

Lupe has the night off from her job at the mattress factory underneath Honest Ed’s and she’s turned the alleyway into a boudoir of love where all her love dreams can come true. Unfortunately, David’s late. Very late. And Lupe’s ex-husband is stalking her from an apartment across the road. And just when things couldn’t get any more complicated, what’s an audience of strangers doing in her love den instead of David? Now Lupe has to keep the audience entertained, keep her ex-husband at bay and hold herself together for when David finally arrives.

Will Lupe’s dreams come true behind Honest Ed’s, where sizzle meats salsa and Latin heat oozes on the pavement like hot, summer sweat?

 Has her fantasy begun? Or will she remain Lupe: Undone?