Who is Lupe?

Lupe is a woman.  A woman with a dream.  A dream that has no limits.  Born Guadalupe Maria Milagrosa Josefina Paz Dominquez in South America,

Lupe was raised by her beloved Abuelita (grandmother). Living in a one room shack, they helped each other survive with nothing but the love in their hearts, the dresses on their backs and the fire in their spleens.  When her Abuela’s health started to fail her and the revolution gained momentum, Lupe knew she needed to leave: start a new life.  So she fled the revolution that was tearing her country apart to come to Canada--where the streets are paved with gold and anything is possible. 


Having split up with her husband Emilio who had a wandering eye, and  like more voluptuous, modern- day, Mary Tyler Moore, she left home determined to ‘make it on after all’. Lupe knew she had the strength, the drive and the talent to change the world: one taco at a time.   Now, in Toronto, she is determined to find happiness, success and love.  Her new boyfriend is the one and only David Mirvish. Will her dreams come true in the alleyway of Honest Ed’s this Toronto Fringe Festival, or will she remain Lupe: Undone?